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Retrograde Analysis
Chess Problems

by Leo Mano

AR03 - Leo Mano
(14x8) 8 - 1p2p2b - 1Q1p2p1 - PPpK4 - N7 - p2Pk1P1 - 2PRP1PR - 2B4N

Add a w so White may mates in 1.

Solution: Add a7 and White mates with 1 bc6 e.p. ++
The black s have no captures (becose de f1 was not captured by a ). How the black h3 came from h7? The white on a5 made 2 captures, at least, to open the 'a' column. Now the white s have captured 8 pieces at all. For it, both missing black s from f7 and h7 have promoted without captures. Hence the Black's last move was not f4-e3 becose the White's retract move f2xg3 lock the 'f' column.

The Black can't retracts d7-d6 or g7-g6 before the black come back to home. The only legal Black's last move is f7-f5 and White mates with 1 bc6 e.p.++

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(p)2000-2001 by Leo Mano. Rio de Janeiro - RJ, Brazil.