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Retrograde Analysis
Chess Problems

by Leo Mano

AR05 - Leo Mano
(11x7) 3n1r2 - PPN1K3 - NpkP4 - 8 - 2QpB3 - 1p6 - PP1P4 - 4r3

a) What was the last move?
b) After "a" solution, White mates in 1.
c) After "a" solution, White retracts and mates in 1.

a) The last move was cd6 e.p.++ (see the diagram below)

b) White mates with 1 d5++. Now 1 cd6 e.p.++ is illegal becose the Black's last move is undetermined.

c) White retracts e2-c4 then mates with 1 d5++. Look that, in the new diagram, 8 black pieces was captured by white s. Then, White can't retracts h1xe4 and mates with 1 d5.

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(p)2000-2001 by Leo Mano. Rio de Janeiro - RJ, Brazil.