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Retrograde Analysis
Chess Problems

by Leo Mano

AR12 - Leo Mano
(3x3) 4k3 - 2p1p3 - 8 - 8 - 8 - 8 - 1P1P4 - 4K3

Monochromatic. No piece has ever moved from a white square to a black square and vice versa. The white has never moved. Where is the doubtful white ? g4, h4, g5 or h5?

Solution: If the white has never moved, what piece could have captured the last black piece from black square? The doubtful ! Then it's on h4 or g5 and has one capture at least.

What piece could have captured the missing b8? Only a promoting from f2 or h2! For example: 1 f2-f4 (or 1 h2-h4); 2 xg5; 3 xh6e.p.; 4 xg7; 5 xh8=... xb8 (4 captures on black squares. The e.p. was in the white square). This white piece was captured by the black to late. This one was captured by the doubtful . The black band has six missing pieces from black squares. The black from a7 was not captured by a white . Then the doubtful has only one capture and stays on g5.

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(p)2000-2001 by Leo Mano. Rio de Janeiro - RJ, Brazil.